About us

We strive to make the world of decoration more "in your style". We create that certain discomfort that makes many cross themselves.

We are María and Oswald, and we’re going to tell you a bit about ourselves. Creators of rather bizarre skull articles. We mix, paint, decorate, and redesign all sorts of items, becoming irreverent at times.

We have always been drawn to the “dark side”, unsettling the masses with “unconventional” things. We see that impurity in religion that both attracts and repels us.

We aim to make you think through our creations; behind each one, there is a prior idea and study, perhaps not perceptible at first glance, but that doesn’t matter. Give it the meaning, or not, that you prefer and decorate your space with something that, you might not know why, has moved you from the first moment. That’s enough for us.

After years of training in restoration, cabinetmaking, and graphic design, we have reached a point where our articles are easily recognizable and identifiable with the brand, developing new decorative elements such as reclaimed furniture and antique lamps, which follow the same “dark” line in a more professional way, and we won’t stop as long as we have a blasphemous mind. Go on, as long as we continue to enjoy making them so much.

Les Morts

It all started spontaneously and gradually, wanting to decorate our home with things we really liked and that weren’t in every home, as is the case with many objects today, and little by little, thanks to our friendships, the thing grew. Not only is our house exclusively decorated, (obviously not only with our skull articles, which are the least, but with various artists who cause us that impact we are looking for), but we are filling many homes with pieces created with our hands. Thank you very much!

ultima cena les morts calaveras mexicanas
Last Supper Les Morts

We merged the previous company called Calamex (created in 2008) that focused on Mexican-style decoration, with articles of skulls, communion children, saints, and virgins, something we continue to do, showing in different markets of Spain and France, when time allows us, along with the theme of giving new life to deceased animals, “resurrecting” them by paying tribute, increasingly inspired by the Baroque and Tenebrism.

Our philosophy is to do what we like, we invest as much time as possible in designing different objects and enjoying making them.

But… what do we mean by resurrection?



– R E S U R R E C T I O N –

Creating beautiful objects with the bones of animals or the taxidermy of different insects on exclusive ornaments or paintings. Always as an artistic form, free of violence and animal cruelty.

Obviously, we don’t kill them, but on outings to the countryside, it’s easy to find animals that have been run over, hunted by other animals, or simply their time has come. It’s also possible that animals we have at home die, like acherontias, beetles, etc.

At Les Morts, we try to offer different products, with a distinctive and elegant touch that will leave no one indifferent.

Who are we?

If you want to put a face to us, you can see us in the bars, different markets in Zaragoza or tattoo fairs in France 😀 we’re not very pleasant to see when sober.

Take a look at our skull-shaped flower pots.

 Impress your office colleagues, your friends when they come over, or make an original gift to anyone you want.