Nuestros compromisos

Our commitments

And since we are not just simple sellers, but designers and manufacturers, we are committed to offering you unique, quality dark decoration items. Every piece you acquire will be exclusive; no one else will ever have an identical one.

Restoration and Recovery

Sanding, sealing, stripping, painting… are just a few of the procedures we follow when restoring antique furniture to bring them back to life, giving them a refreshed and contemporary look.
Many of the older furniture pieces outclass current ones in terms of wood quality.

We restore abandoned gems, even those that exist from before you were born!

100% Cruelty-free

Not only do we love animals, but we declare ourselves faithful defenders against any type of mistreatment towards them, rejecting it as one of the biggest atrocities on the planet. 

Our home can become a jungle where multiple species, bipeds, quadrupeds, octopods… come to live

All are welcome!

Exclusive designs

We guarantee that you will not find an exact piece like ours anywhere else. In fact, none of ours are 100% identical in any occasion, that’s the beauty of handmade items, made with love and dedication.

It may sound like a typical cliché, but it’s SO TRUE!


Product FAQs

¿El producto es artesano?

Yes, all of our products are created by our hands, whether it’s from scratch or remodeled. Everything goes through our hands to make it unique.

¿Son cráneos de animales reales?

Sí, todos los cráneos que tenemos son de animales reales. Libre de maltrato y crueldad. Encontrados ya fallecidos u obtenidos por muerte natural.

And the insects?

Some of them are also raised by ourselves, such as beetles, butterflies, or moths. They live happily until their time comes.

Shipping FAQs

¿Cuánto cuesta el envío?

Once you choose the products, your location is automatically calculated by inputting it on the system.

¿Cuánto tarda el envío?

When shipped from Spain, your order should not take longer than a week. To avoid possible problems caused by the transport company’s schedule, if you need your order urgently, we advise you to place it in advance if possible, or contact us for the possibility of upgrading to an express service (at the customer’s expense).

¿Cómo puedo consultar el estado de mi pedido?

After sending you the article, we will send you the tracking number to your email.

Incident FAQs

¿Se permiten devoluciones, cambios o cancelaciones?

We do not accept exchanges, returns, or cancellations. Please contact us if you have any issues with your order.

¿Cómo puedo contactar con vosotros?

The message is highlighting multiple ways of communication including popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, email, and WhatsApp. Additionally, a floating button on the website can also be accessed and a form is available.

¿Qué hago si me llega el producto dañado durante el transporte?

Get in touch with us so we can help you assess what happened. We will solve it as soon as possible.

Project FAQs

¿Quién está detrás de la página?

Oswald and Mery.
A combination of a Sevillian and a “Maña”, half-Belgian designer and creator of bizarre ideas, and a carpenter and furniture designer… among other sinful things.

¿Cómo surgió la idea?

For a concern that we believed was necessary, we tried to offer a specific audience different quality decorations.

¿Lleváis mucho tiempo en activo?

Since 2008, with the previous company called Calamex, we merged with Les Morts a few years later.

¿Tenéis tienda física?

No, Sorry.

¿Hacéis mercadillos?

Yes! Whenever we can and weather permits.
You can find us at various markets in Zaragoza, Barcelona, and France. Ask us if you’re curious to see us at the next one 🙂